Privacy Policy

We always do our best to keeping user’s information completely safe. The reviews you may find related to health supplements and beauty products are completely genuine and published after the research. Even these are recommended after taking the harmony of the user. 

We have shared the reviews with only those who assuring the wellness to our users. The motive of introducing this platform is only to help the user so they can find the correct solution for their problems, doesn’t matter what the age is.

Regarding this approach, we have made the security measurements for the users and we do not share the information with genuine goals. On this page, we would like to clear out. For example, what is the purpose of collecting data and how it will be used? 

Collection of data:

To reduce the risk of attackers, we used an SSL security system that agreed with all terms and conditions. The given information we will request from the clients.

  • Email address:

We will always request to our every client to share the email address just for verification and also sharing the recovery for promotional information with them. 

  • Request address:

If you need to put your order on a website then we will ask you to add your additional information such as address. So that given information can be used easily for shipping your order. 

  • Contact number:

We will also request to share the telephone number. Just in case we miss placed your address or whatever the concern will be. We can contact you at any time for further information. It is a perfectly suitable method to reach your place.

  • Instalment Information:

If you are purchasing the product on installment. You need to share the card number to cut installments every week.

How We Will Use Your Data?

The collected information we will use in the following manners:

  • Maintaining our website
  • Sharing the new products and features
  • Sending you promotional emails.
  • Preventing your account from the hackers
  • Improve and expand our website

Security Management:

We will assure clients their information will keep saving and under the security to suggest SSL security system the whole data is completely secured. Our skilled and professional team always care for your data. The gathered individual data is used to recognize the client’s verification and create an order to refresh the protection strategy and send alerts about changes.