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This is how the capsules fight obesity – our experience with Liba Diet Capsules UK

Many slimmers promise what they cannot keep: the effortless loss of 10 kilos within two weeks, without any yo-yo effect. But in most cases, the weight comes back quickly – and usually brings a few extra pounds with it. But there is hope. Because some weight loss products can actually support you on the way to your desired weight. We have examined the Liba dietary supplement in detail and would like to share our Liba experiences with you in this article.

Losing weight is definitely not a cakewalk. From a biological point of view, we humans are true survivors. Our ability [1] to store excess energy from food as body fat in adipose tissue has gotten us humans through harsh winters and times of hardship on a number of occasions.

In addition, there are certain gene variants [2] that can increase this tendency. Colloquially, one often speaks of “good” or “bad users” and means people who gain weight just by looking at the cake and those who have never been overweight despite eating 5000 calories a day.

With Powder And Capsules Against Fat And Obesity?

Overweight has tripled worldwide in the last 40 years. Today, scientists use so-called heritability studies to describe the proportion of different factors in body weight, overweight or obesity. And studies keep finding out that the noticeable influence of genes [3] plays an important role. But why has body weight only increased so much in the last few decades? Other factors must interact with the genetic information in the genome for overweight and obesity to ultimately develop.

For you this means: There are several ways to do something against overweight and to achieve your dream weight. The diet is very popular, it makes more sense to change your diet and lifestyle over the long term and to concentrate on what is good for you. Studies show that there are some substances that can help with weight loss, for example by activating the metabolism, increasing the body’s energy consumption or reducing appetite and cravings. In this article we have tested the components of the Liba dietary supplement for such an effect and describe the self-test with the Liba capsules for slimming.

Benefits of Liba

There is hardly anything easier than applying the Liba capsules. You don’t have to measure or weigh powder, count drops or fast half the day before taking it. With Liba, take one capsule daily to support your dietary change.

Liba contains active ingredients such as L-arginine or L-carnitine, which have been known in research for a long time. Accordingly, these substances have often been tested in the past under all possible conditions and in different constellations. For the active ingredient, this means more safety, more information about potential side effects and indications of the effects in the body.

Product feature highlights


What Do We Think About Liba Diet Capsules UK – Our Rating?

What Are The Products From Liba Capsules?

The Liba capsules from the manufacturer Premium Health Europe BV from the Netherlands are intended to help customers lose weight during a diet or a change in diet. The manufacturer advertises the capsules as a special support for weight management.

This means that the Liba capsules belong to the dietary supplements. According to case law, these are considered food, are available freely and without a prescription, but did not have to go through an approval process like drugs or medicines. That means there doesn’t have to be any objective evidence of the effectiveness of an over-the-counter dietary supplement like Liba is.

Equally important in this case is the differentiation from the well-known product Liba Diet pills UK. Our experience with Liba Capsules has shown that both products are often confused. Liba is a diet formula consisting of shakes. Customers take the shake as a meal replacement and follow a diet in this form. The Liba capsules are easy to take during meals. Liba capsules are not a meal replacement, rather they are intended to optimize the metabolism so that more energy is used and less of it is stored.

Like to get on the scales with a Liba?

The model of the energy budget  [4] is just one example of how scientists look at the effects of different substances on metabolism and any resulting weight loss. This model states: if energy intake and energy consumption are identical, body weight remains the same. If the intake of energy predominates, weight gain occurs; if the consumption predominates, weight loss results.

Products such as the Liba capsules attack obesity from both sides – for success, they should reduce the intake of energy and increase consumption. For example, energy intake is curbed by substances that moderate hunger and appetite and increase satiety after eating. Fat binders prevent the absorption of energy by flushing out undigested fat. Energy consumption is often said to be boosted by activating ingredients such as caffeine, L-theanine or guarana, and in this way support weight loss.

For Whom Are The Liba Capsules Useful?

The Liba capsules are suitable for all people who want to lose weight with the help of a diet or a change in diet. It is irrelevant where exactly the starting point is. All people who want to achieve their desired weight are addressed, regardless of whether the starting point is normal weight, overweight or obese.

In order not to be disappointed, it is important that users bring a good portion of realism with them. Because as the evaluation of the research shows, there are no active ingredients that make the weight disappear by itself. Rather, carefully selected active ingredients can support a diet or a change in diet. Even the best active ingredients were able to help overweight subjects in studies to lose a maximum of 2 or 3 kilos – over a period of 2 or 3 months.

The capsules are useful in the sense of promising for people who take them in concert with other measures. It is best to modify the areas of nutrition and exercise in combination with taking the Liba capsules. For example, the diet could be higher in protein and lower in sugar and simple carbohydrates. For more exercise, several walks a week could be planned or your favorite sport intensified.

Liba Capsules Experiences – Our 30-Day Self-Test With Liba 

Marianne signed up to test the Liba capsules. Marianne has had a few crash diets and now wants to finally break out of the painful cycle of weight loss, weight gain and the yo-yo effect. She has planned a sustainable lifestyle change and would like to use the Liba capsules to support her.

week 1

In week one, Marianne starts her project. From now on, she wants to make sure to eat a high-protein breakfast because she’s heard it can reduce her appetite throughout the day. She’s also starting to take a long walk every day during her lunch break. As recommended by the manufacturer, she takes the Liba capsules once a day before her largest meal.

week 2

Week two, Marianne is feeling great. The measures seem to be bearing fruit. Despite the change in diet, she feels energetic and content. She is full most of the time and otherwise has little appetite for unhealthy foods with lots of sugar and fat.

week 3

In week three, Marianne dares to weigh herself for the first time. She knows that Libra can rob her of motivation and that this moment says nothing about her overall development. Too often the daily form or the morning water retention has led to strange results on the scales. But this time she will not be disappointed. The scale shows several kilograms less than before the changeover.

week 4

Marianne is completely satisfied with her personal Liba capsule test. The changeover was easy for her and she had little trouble keeping up the motivation and going through her planned program. She attributes a large part to this success to taking the Liba capsules.

Public Liba Experiences And Reviews

On the manufacturer’s website we only read good things from customers about the Liba capsules. The ratings are very good at 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars. Among the customers we find Marion, who is delighted with the four kilos that she was able to lose in the first week.

In the reviews we find the opinion of Klaudia, who, thanks to the capsules, eats less, is less hungry and stays full longer. Leah also writes in her review that the Liba capsules have reduced her cravings. Martina has also had experience with customer service and found the contact pleasant and helpful.

Liba Experiences – Ingredients And Composition

The ingredients contained in the Liba capsules are various amino acids, Malabar tamarind extract, garcinia cambogia and cayenne pepper. The amino acids contained are L-arginine, L-carnitine, L-theanine from the tea plant, the anabolic amino acids L-leucine and L-proline. We did not find any further information on the ingredients, such as the material from which the capsule shell is made or other auxiliary substances.

Ingestion And Dosage For Liba

Taking the Liba capsules is straight forward and easy. According to the manufacturer, customers should take one capsule daily with two glasses of water. It should be taken 15 to 30 minutes before a meal, preferably lunch or dinner. If some people have trouble swallowing capsules, the contents of the capsule can be added to the glass of water and taken that way.

Are There Any Possible Side Effects And Risks To Be Aware Of When Taking The Liba Capsules?

Experience reports and ratings from customers indicate that there are normally no difficulties with the intake. However, and the manufacturer explicitly points this out, people with a previous illness or those who are dependent on taking medication should clarify the intake of Liba with their doctor beforehand.

According to the manufacturer, taking the Liba capsules has no effect on the birth control pill. The manufacturer also mentions pregnant and breastfeeding women as a restriction on taking it. The only known side effect, which may affect up to 1 in 1,000 users, is dry mouth. In addition, the intake should not have any effect on blood pressure and should not affect the operation of cars or machines.

Where Can You Buy The Liba Capsules UK?

Our data shows that Liba capsules are not only available on one website. Again and again, free riders try to make a profit with well-known brands – an easy task in the laxly regulated market for dietary supplements. It is all the more important that you as a customer pay attention. It is best to place your order on the original manufacturer’s website to get the genuine article.

To go directly to the Liba online shop, it is best to follow the link next to the product in this article. This is the best way for them to benefit from fast delivery, a discount campaign and secure payment options. In addition, the price corresponds to the original and is not artificially inflated.

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Our Liba capsules experiences and reviews 2023

Liba capsules from Premium Health Europe BV from Holland are intended to help users with weight management and achieving their desired weight. According to the manufacturer, the ingredients have been tested, are of the highest quality and are contained in high concentrations. The capsules are intended to give that extra boost in weight management.

This assessment is realistic and shows that other measures are also necessary in order to lose weight successfully. With regard to the individual active ingredients in the capsules, we have viewed and evaluated relevant studies. For garcinia cambogia  [6] Researchers have shown that it supports weight loss  [7] can. The same applies to L-carnitine, which has been shown to help reduce abdominal girth [8] . L-theanine, an active ingredient from the tea leaves, can probably have a positive effect on lipid metabolism [9] or appetite.

L-Leucine seems a bit out of the ordinary as it is an amino acid primarily associated with anabolic effects  [8] is associated, i.e. the structure of tissue. On the other hand, an anabolic amino acid can presumably and especially during a calorie-restricted diet protect the muscles  [10] contribute.


The Liba capsules are another product in the weight loss supplement market. However, as an over-the-counter dietary supplement, the capsules are not subject to strict controls and do not have to go through an approval process or provide proof of effectiveness before they can be sold. Therefore, our editors have examined the Liba capsules in detail.

The capsules contain active ingredients whose supportive effect in weight management has been suggested by various studies. The evaluation of the studies revealed a problem that many dietary supplements have – the dose of the substances in the capsules does not correspond to the dose from the studies. As a result, the study is not direct evidence of the effectiveness of the substance. Nevertheless, an effect cannot be ruled out and our subject for the self-test, Marianne, has had good experiences with the Liba capsules.

Frequently asked Questions

Is the Liba Multaben powder?

This report is about the easy-to-take Liba capsules and not the Multaben powder for shakes.

What does a sensible transition to weight loss look like?

Making a meaningful change involves taking action on diet, exercise, and happiness. Many people who want to lose weight neglect the latter point in particular and often quickly lose motivation and confidence as a result.

Is the protein content of the diet important for weight loss?

Studies suggest that protein is energetically the worst macronutrient for the body. This means that our body can get more energy from carbohydrates and fatty acids than from protein. Therefore, protein or increasing the protein content of the diet is a good way to positively influence energy balance.