Hulk Heater Reviews – Does Hulk Heater Really Works?

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Batteries are rarely hot in our house. But I’m fine with cool temperatures. I calmly do household chores, and when I sit down to rest, I cover my legs with a blanket. The problem was that my grandchildren often come to visit me, and it is inconvenient for them to play in thick sweatshirts. Therefore, back in the fall, I began to look for a device that could quickly raise the temperature in the apartment and found it in the form of a portable heater Hulk Heater.

I came across this device by accident. One day I went to a neighbor’s house for tea and noticed that her apartment was a little hot. I began to look for the heater with my eyes, but it was not visible. Noticing this, a friend showed me with her hand at the wall, where in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe outlet there was a very small neat box. I could not believe that such a small device gives so much heat. At home, I went to the official website of the Hulk Heater, read the instructions and placed an order.

How the Hulk Heater works


When I opened the package, I saw a bright red box with a picture of a hulk heater and a list of its benefits. Despite the fact that the information was printed in English, pictures and diagrams easily explained what was written there. In addition, there are instructions and a promotional video in Canada on the Internet. The device itself, as I expected, was extremely light and compact (height – 15 cm, width and depth – 9 cm).

The Hulk Heater is lightweight due to the fact that the heating element is made of ceramics, and the body is made of high-quality thermoplastic. The back of the appliance is equipped with a plug for a wall socket. Thanks to this, the Hulk Heater seems to hang on the wall without taking up space in the room. And through the front wall of the case, streams of warm air diverge, driven by a fan.

In the instructions, I saw the following technical characteristics of the device:

  • power – 400 W;
  • voltage – 220 V;
  • noise level – 70 dB;
  • programmable timer;
  • overheat protection.

I liked that the Hulk Heater has a temperature control function. So, in the upper part of the case there is a display, under which there are buttons “+” and “-“. With their help, the desired temperature is set, upon reaching which the Hulk Heater automatically turns off. You can also turn off the device with the red button switch located on the side. The genuine portable heater is embossed with the letters of the name on the bottom of the casing, and on the sides there is a recess for easy carrying by hand.

Looking through the books on child care, I found out that the most comfortable air temperature in the room is + 22 ° C. This is exactly what I exhibited for the visits of my grandchildren. Pediatricians also speak about the importance of preventing freezing and overheating.

“Children are just developing mechanisms for regulating body temperature. Knowing this, parents try to heat the air in the apartment as much as possible and prevent the baby from hypothermia. However, overheating is no less harmful to the child. Together with sweat, the child’s body loses the necessary moisture and trace elements, the skin becomes covered with diaper rash, intestinal juices thicken, saliva becomes viscous. Therefore, it is important to maintain the optimum air temperature, ventilate and humidify the apartment.”

Nadezhda Petrovna, pediatrician of the highest category, Krasnoyarsk


After reading such a review of a specialist, I realized the need to purchase and the importance of the thermoregulation function of the hulk heater.

What is the Hulk Heater in action


I checked the working condition of the device, but did not want to use it until the arrival of my grandchildren. While waiting, I went to the forum to read the comments of ordinary people who had already bought the Hulk Heater. It is worth noting that there were few negative comments. They were mostly written by people who needed a more powerful heater.

“I needed a heater to work in the utility room. Friends recommended the Hulk Heater to me and I ordered it online. Entering the house, I immediately turned it on at full power, but the heat in the room did not wait. It is clear that the culprit was the drafts and the walls frozen over during the winter, and it was foolish to hope for a miraculous technique that worked for only a few hours.

In general, there were few such reviews on the forum. Basically, people praised the heater, noted its advantages, and were surprised at the rapid heating of the room. Many of them described the state of comfort during home rest, the ability to walk in beautiful clothes, a decrease in the number of colds in children.

“The heating in our house is always turned on late. Therefore, in late autumn we walk around the apartment, like penguins, in sweaters, vests, warm socks. Such clothes hinder movement, and the cold makes you lie under the covers for a longer time. But with the introduction of the Hulk Heater, our lives have changed. We ourselves decide what temperature to make and calmly wait for the start of the heating season.”


I used the Hulk Heater for the first time on the day my daughter and grandchildren arrived. In the morning, I moved the chairs a little apart so that they did not block the flow of warm air, and plugged it into the outlet. I heard the low noise of the fans, but soon got used to it and stopped noticing it. I needed to raise the room temperature by a few degrees, and the Hulk Heater did the job in less than an hour before turning itself off.

My daughter and grandchildren immediately noticed that the apartment was warm and changed into appropriate clothes. Thanks to the heater, we were able to calmly play a board game together, and after that the grandson rolled cars on the floor, and the granddaughter built a tower of cubes nearby. When the children went out to run outside, I opened the window to ventilate the room, and then turned on the heater again.

Before going to bed, I slightly lowered the temperature in the room so that the children did not overheat under the covers, and in the morning raised it again to a comfortable 22 ° C.

How to Buy a Real Hulk Heater


Today in stores you can see a large assortment of room heaters. But many of them have significant drawbacks. Massive oil batteries take up a lot of space and are inconvenient when moving around the apartment, infrared ones are expensive and consume a lot of energy, and cheap fan heaters often break down and create wiring problems. Therefore, I advise you to order a reliable, proven device via the Internet – a portable heater Hulk Heater. After all, it has the following advantages:

  • made of quality materials;
  • quickly warms the air in the room;
  • it is possible to choose the temperature yourself;
  • does not emit loud noise, does not emit unpleasant odors;
  • consumes a small amount of electricity.

My daughter liked the Hulk Heater so much that she asked me to order one for her. After all, grandchildren are visiting not only me, but the device is quite light and compact. It easily fits in a bag and quickly heats the air in any room. This useful feature of the Hulk Heater is often mentioned in the positive comments of people on the forum.

“My profession involves frequent business trips. Expensive hotel rooms are too expensive for our firm, so I often have to stay in modest hotels or apartments. In the cold season, I always take my portable heater Hulk Heater with me on trips. It is not heavy, takes up little space in a suitcase, but if necessary, it quickly heats the air in the room, giving me the opportunity to relax after a hard day’s work.

Ordering the Hulk Heater was easy for me. At the bottom of the official site, I filled out a form, entering my name and mobile phone number in its fields. Then the manager called me to this number to clarify the address of the nearest post office and other details of the order. Four days later, I received an SMS notification about the delivery of the goods, after which I went to the post office, made sure that the heater was available and paid for it.

I used the Hulk Heater room heater all fall, winter and spring 1-2 times a week. During all this time he did not give me any trouble and trouble. It worked properly, I did not feel a loud buzz, noise and smell of burning. The rest of the days I keep it in a box in the closet. I think it will last me more than one year. Therefore, I can confidently recommend this appliance to all people with heating problems.